October 17: Combined Service in celebration of our Tenth Anniversary. All are welcome!

Our 8:00 am ‘DayBreak’ service provides an opportunity to worship early each Sunday and receive communion weekly.

The 9:00 am ‘NewSong’ service for those who prefer a praise team and casual format.

The 10:30 am ‘Cornerstone’ service is for those who prefer a more traditional worship format.

Trinity In The News

Below are various articles featuring Trinity which have appeared in the local news:

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6/27/2017, Vacation Bible School: A Summer Tradition, The Pilot, click here 

4/16/2017, One Cross at a Time, The Pilot, click here 

2/23/2016, Trinity Christian Fellowship Appoints New Pastor, The Pilot, click here 

12/28/2014, Local Girls Participate in Wreathe-Laying Ceremony, The Pilot, click here 

9/20/2014, All Things Made New, The Pilot, click here

7/14/2014, Trinity Holds Welcome Home Dinner for Missionaries, The Pilot, click here

5/4/2014, Children Growing in Spirit at Trinity Ministry, The Pilot, click here

1/20/2014, Pinehurst Man Missing While Diving in the Cayman Islands, The Pilot, click here

8/11/2013, Mother’s Morning Out: A Blessing for Moms, The Pilot, click here

7/29/2013, Trinity Christian Fellowship Hosts Gospel Singers, The Pilot, click here

4/17/2013, Beth Evans Speaks at Trinity Event, The Pilot, click here

4/14/2013, Trinity Christian Fellowship to Build Its Church, The Pilot, click here

2/20/2013, Chef Presents Demonstration for Wives of Warriors Group, The Pilot, click here

1/16/2013, What Have We Become, The Pilot, click here

*12/28/2012, Trinity Pot-Luck Dinner, The Pilot, click here

11/11/2012, Warrior Wives Giving Support to Those on the Home Front, The Pilot, click here

*11/7/2012, New Director, The Pilot, Southern Pines, NC. click here

*10/24/2012, Celebrating Senior Pastor, The Pilot, click here

*10/3/2012, Trinity special presentation to Pastor Emeritus Dr. Larry Ellis, The Pilot, click here

*2/17/2012, “Celebrating Grace”, The Pilot, Opinion, by Betty and Ronnie Milligan, click here

7/25/2012, Trinity Christian Fellowship Calls Senior Pastor, The Pilot, click here