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Stewardship, A Deeper Understanding – An in-home Bible study

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This in-home Bible Study will help each of us gain a clearer picture of the true meaning of “Stewardship’, which will in turn guide our thoughts and actions in His service. We trust you will be diligent in focusing appropriate time, thought and prayer to this study.

This study will not be a veiled request for money or for greater donations to the church; instead it will serve as an educational opportunity. The fact of the matter is that the word “Stewardship” means, “to manage.” In church circles we have connected the word to the giving of money rather than the management of our entire God-given resources – including time, talent, and money. Some may also say that there is and should be no connection between money and one’s Christian Faith or Christian Worship. Here again, Stewardship, the management of God’s gifts to us, is and always has been, in the broadest sense, an integral and important element of a person’s Faith and Worship experience.

Throughout this study the focus will be on determining God’s will in the management of our financial and non-financial resources. We will seek His guidance in such areas as determining what wealth is; the perils of money; release from servitude, both financial and time; financial and time planning God’s way; budgeting; deb; insurance; savings; sharing your resources; work; investment; inheritance; and much more.


Lesson 1 – Stewardship-“What is Wealth?”, click here

Lesson 2 – Stewardship-“God’s Will”, click here

Lesson 3 – Stewardship-“Whom Do We Serve?”, click here

Lesson 4 – Stewardship-“Release From Servitude”, click here

Lesson 5 – Stewardship-“Financial Planning”, click here

Lesson 6 – Stewardship-“Accumulating Wealth”, click here

Lesson 7 – Stewardship-“How Much Is Enough?”, click here

Lesson 8 – Stewardship-“Sharing By God’s Plan”, click here

Lesson 9 – Stewardship-“Deciding Who Needs Help”, click here

Lesson 10 – Stewardship-“Making Financial Decisions God’s Way”, click here