Our 8:00 am ‘DayBreak’ service provides an opportunity to worship early each Sunday and receive communion weekly.

The 9:00 am ‘NewSong’ service for those who prefer a praise team and casual format.

The 10:30 am ‘Cornerstone’ service is for those who prefer a more traditional worship format.

Soup Brigade

Contact: Niccole Flannery, (910) 215-5775

We are called into community where God’s koinonia (His love) can be expressed to His people through His people.  Though we are many, we are one Body in Christ. When one part of the Body suffers we all suffer.  As the Body of Christ we are called into a freedom, which allows us to serve and encourage one another wholeheartedly – not just in words, but in truth and action.

“Little children, let us love, not only in word or speech, but in truth and action.”  1 John 3:18

The Soup Brigade is composed of volunteers who at their own expense provide to those in the Body who may be experiencing an illness, death of an immediate family member, the arrival of a baby, unemployment, a spouse’s deployment, or other personal difficulties.

We consider it a privilege to minster to those in need!