Our 8:00 am ‘DayBreak’ service provides an opportunity to worship early each Sunday and receive communion weekly.

The 9:00 am ‘NewSong’ service for those who prefer a praise team and casual format.

The 10:30 am ‘Cornerstone’ service is for those who prefer a more traditional worship format.

Past Events

Greetings and Welcome!

If you would like to be a part of a very important ministry by helping greet and welcome new visitors before the service you attend (or possibly another), then you will want to join us for a Greeters meeting with Carol Pizzi next Wednesday. This is a simple process and a great way to get to know new faces and help them…


This two-session, enjoyable workshop where you will create your own personal placemat as we explore how God has uniquely created you. Your personality, passions, values, spiritual gifts, and vocational bents will be revealed. Natural areas of service to the Lord will emerge. It’s fun! There is no charge, but an RSVP is needed to plan properly. Contact Carol Pizzi to register. Friday,…

Walking Tour in the Village of Pinehurst

The Women’s Ministry has arranged a Walking Tour in the Village of Pinehurst with Fay Hodges as your guide. We will meet at the Carolina Hotel in front of the Spa. Afterward, we can meet for lunch! There is no charge for the tour, but we are responsible for our own lunch.

Easter Sunday Services

Come join us for Easter! 8:00 am / 9:00 am / 10:30 am. We look forward to seeing you!