October 17: Combined Service in celebration of our Tenth Anniversary. All are welcome!

Our 8:00 am ‘DayBreak’ service provides an opportunity to worship early each Sunday and receive communion weekly.

The 9:00 am ‘NewSong’ service for those who prefer a praise team and casual format.

The 10:30 am ‘Cornerstone’ service is for those who prefer a more traditional worship format.

When Trinity came into being in April of 2011 (to read Our Story, click here), various committees of committed people gathered for long hours to pray about what it meant to be a new church, to better discover what God had planned for us, and to develop the necessary documentation to support our fellowship.  We had to prepare and submit documentation for 501(c)(3) (non-profit) designation; prepare a database of personnel information so we could keep track of/contact our potential members; and create the governing documents that defined who Trinity is, what we believed, and where we were going.

Although not all of the key documentation is available here, we are providing our Constitution and Bylaws, which provide the means of governance for our church.

For the Constitution and Bylaws, click here