All Christian education studies and Sunday school classes will resume in the Fall. Pastor Matt’s Tuesday Bible Study has resumed. Please join us at 2 p.m. every Tuesday.

Eternity Bible Study

Life after death..we’ve all wondered about it.

“I’m a ‘good person’, I’ve never killed anyone, I help others when I can, I give to the poor, I know the Lords Prayer and 10 commandments, I go to church, God is loving and kind- He knows my heart.” 


These are really common thought processes of many people today, even those who attend church on are a regular basis. But what does Jesus say about Heaven and Hell? And how do we know for sure where we will go? Using Scripture as our guide, we will help you have a much better understanding of this reality. Sessions include handouts, and don’t require you to have attended each one.

We invite you to come when you can, and just as you are!