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Sunday Morning

Adult Sunday School
(Fellowship Hall)
9:00-10:00 a.m.

My Search for Messiah, facilitated by Ray Klingensmith
Begins 3/31/19 to 4/14/19

Jewish studies professor Dr. Michael Rydelnik was a freshman in high school when his mother, a Holocaust survivor, revealed her secret faith in Jesus as the Messiah of Israel. While studying the Hebrew Bible to convince his mother of the error of her way, he came face-to-face with the truth of Scripture. In this compelling presentation he returns to Jerusalem and the Western Wall to share his compelling story and retrace the path of his search for Messiah.


Adult Sunday School
(Fellowship Hall)
10:30 am – 11:30 am

Current Study: The book of Judges cracks a window into depths of the human soul. Watch a nation struggle with its identity and relationship to its God. Heroes and heroines arise, who seem to have the potential to save Israel. But in the end, each proves to be a broken savior that cannot deliver. Click below to watch a clip!

In this series, pastor and author J.D. Greear wades into the book of Judges to shine a light onto the muddy waters of human rebellion. The stories and truths within are not just archaic tales with no relevance for us today. Rather, J.D. works through each chapter unpacking the truth of God’s grace in the midst of human wickedness, and shows how only the divine can redeem the fallen.

* Beginning 4/28/19 *
“The Anatomy of a Disciple” by Dr. Rick Taylor, on RightNow Media

Description: ” So Many Believers. So Few Disciples. is an incredibly fresh, practical and relatable read, identifying 8 elements of Christ’s life that ought to be reflected in yours: Humbly Submitted. Biblically Formed. Sacrificially Generous. Morally Discerning. Relationally Healthy. Intentional Blessing. Culturally Engaged. Inclusive Community. Click below to check it out!

Using these 8 elements, The Anatomy of a Disciple Self-Assessment identifies areas where you are becoming more like Christ and those that are far from the Lord. What if you knew exactly what a disciple of Christ looked like? What if you knew with certainty – whether or not – you were actively becoming more like Him? Do you think your spiritual life would look different? Do you think it would feel different?”

Children and Youth (Ages 5-11)


Fruit of the Spirit is a 9-Week Children’s Ministry curriculum that is all about teaching kids that by trusting in God and filling our mind and heart with God’s Word, the fruit of the Spirit will start to naturally be seen in our life. To read more about this class, please click HERE




UNSEEN: The Armor of God for Kids – Priscilla Shirer
* Beginning Sunday, April 28th *

For more information, click HERE